temporary body tattoo
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Tattoo do not have to hurt and be expensive

At the moMENt, when we are walking down the streets, mainly in spring, we have a chance to see many of individuals with colorful tattoos. Nothing surprising in this, cause this type of decoration is not linked with crime scene anymore, also in important office You can wear it.
temp tattoos
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Become a celebrity this summertime

Everyone really loves to be beautiful and has trendy accessories. Nowadays, it is extremely stylish to have tattoos. Unfortunately, not everyone is so courageous to tattoo some signs on his or her bodies.
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Which destination to pick from the best boutique hotels in Santorini’s Greece?

Choosing which Greek island we have to visit for an amazing holiday spot could cause a huge headache. Why? The solution is simple - since there are lots of beautiful islands that are simply amazing.
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Arrange perfect holidays in Europe

Because of large accessibility of airline companies, Polish travelers nowadays could explore countries all around the globe, without spending a fortune on an airplane.
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Which one sort of shoes will be popular throughout this summer?

There is a commonly known simple fact that summer time is the most estimated part of all year. Throughout this hot several weeks we can without having any objections forget about all troubles relating to our day-to-day life.
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The most important issues in the event arranging

A huge party that will move crowds or a small party for company employees - there are numerous appealing concepts for such a party. A fruitful event - be it company or public - is similar to a system of linked vessels.
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