Poland is a ideal place where you can pass your spring free days – Wieliczka salt mine or Auschwitz tours

Poland is a ideal country where you are able to pass your spring free days. It is an excellent country for not many time trips as well as 1 daytime trips. Poland is popular of its memorials and past locations. Most of advised places to see are located in the south region of Poland. Some of the most influential places are: wieliczka salt mine and Auschwitz tours. Wieliczka salt mine is placed in Wieliczka, about 13 kilometres from Kraków town centre.

It will take about twenty minutes to reach there from Cracow. You can pick some types of tours in the salt supply. Those are: Visitor route, miners’ pathway, pilgrims’ pathway, the route called “The mine for adults and children”, group adventure and secrecies of the Wieliczka mine trip. As you are able to notice the Wieliczka Salt Mine offers more than you can expect. What is more, you are able to be underground more than 2 hours of touring – you can be there during the night. The salt mine offers 2 possibilities of room underground. The 1st one is Słowacki’s Caving and the second 1 is Northern Mountains’ Stable Chamber.

Słowacki’s Chamber is located 125 metres underground. It is a modern accommodation which will make happy the most serious customers. What is more, the only one of its kind microclimate and surroundings will cause the stay more enjoyable. The 2nd place is Eastern Mountains’ Stable and it is situated ten metres lower than Słowacki’s Caving. It used to be a stable for animals, but at present it is a new areas to stay in overnight and rest. In the Wieliczka Salt mine you are able to also organize talks, business talks, wedding ceremony and many different parties. Other location worth visiting in Małopolska part is Auschwitz.

Auschwitz was a concentration camp located in Oświecim (Auschwitz in German) about 70 kilometres from Cracow. You are able to move there without difficulties from Kraków in one hour. Auschwitz tours are for individuals who would like to find out more about Polish history about The Second World War. More information see here – link. Poland is a wonderful area to see so if you have an opportunity to come here, do not hesitate and go.