The most important functions of the pharmaceutical packaging

The most relevant question for the patient is that the drug packet is explanatory and secure. Therefore, there is a list of guidelines that must be met by the manufacturer when it wishes to launch a new drug on the market.

What is the most important issue for the manufacturer? Surely, to make the packaging of the drug as attractive as possible for the patient.

Autor: peddhapati

Security and fine quality of tablet packing are two factors that must be taken care of by the manufacturer if he wants to gain the buyer’s confidence. The packaging should protect against external factors, possibly changing the product’s characteristics (for example light or heat). Moreover, it is supposed to protect against mechanical damage and biological contamination. Above all, however, it is supposed to enable suitable drug recognition. Thus, the packaging must include the name of the regularly used active substance incorporated in the given medicinal product. If more than one is implemented, all must be named and a plus symbol should be placed between them. The package must as well include info on whether the pharmaceutical is designated for toddlers, children or grown-ups. The manner of use, the warnings regarding the place and method of storage, the expiry date, name and address of the manufacturer responsible, the marketing permission number, parcel number and instructions for use must also be provided if the medicinal product is issUEd without a prescription. There are also special ground rules for packaging graphic layouts.

Situating signs such as chocolate, toys or balloons on them is strictly prohibited. This may result in a patient being misguided and treating the medicine as for instance food.