Plan an unforgettable trip to Barcelona

When we are organizing next vacations, often it is hard to choose where to travel. Many of us better like to spend a week on the seashore, rest prefer to proceed sightseeing among amazing monuments in big city.

Luckily you do not need to select among 2 options, because in Barcelona you will have everything you need.

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Find the best offer

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Nowadays the cheapest option is to arrange a tour (things to see in warsaw) to Barcelona by yourself. However when you're a spontaneous person you may also look for last minute deals in the local travel office. Barcelona is very popular place, so you shouldn't have a problem to get the best offer for you. But when you choose to arrange holidays by yourself you better reserve flights 6 months before the journey, when the best prices are available. Beside, to spare also more cash, don't take a registered luggage.

Exploration of Barcelona

For one week in this phenomenal city you will have a chance to explore many of attractions available in there. If you selected last minute deal in travel agency you may pay for a cruise with the guide, but a lot more pleasant option will be to proceed sightseeing by yourself. Barcelona is mainly popular thanks to architecture designed by local artist, Antonio Gaudi. The symbol of the metropolis, Sagrada Familia basilica, is great combination of Catalan and Gothic style. Next piece of this artist, Casa Mila, an amazing building designed in shape of sea's waves and festooned with shells and filLED with colors stones.

But Barcelona is also great place to admire more common buildings, like Saint Eulalia's cathedral for instance. It is very amazing temple situated in the center of old quarter.

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In the city you can either visit the Gallery about Picasso.
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