Vacations of your dream in amazing Italy

Right now, it is hard to realize where to go for summer vacations, because there are so plenty different options to choose. We may travel all around the planet for a song, cause prices of airplane tickets are in very great prices.

When you want to enjoy phenomenal weather and astonishing attractions, you should go for a cruise around Italy.

Begin arrangement earlier

If you like to spare a lot of money on this tour it is possible, however you need to start arrangement of holidays at least 6 months before. Surely, you can always find last minute offer in travel office, but it is a little risky deal. When you book the tickets to Italy couple of months before the departure you will pay even two times lower price than for a flight booked later. Similar is with accommodation, hotels in Italy like to temp the travelers before the start of season, so in March or February reservation will be a lot cheaper.

Exploring in Italy

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The most affordable flights you will buy to Bologna, localized in the north, therefore you should begin your tour in there. In that town you'll find a lot of great monuments, mostly from Renaissance era. Next interesting spot to start the trip, especially if you booked last minute offer in your travel agency, is Venice, also situated in the north. This is the most popular city in entire country, thanks to it channels and phenomenal landscapes. In the north you may either visit Pisa, metropolis with crooked tower, constructed in Romanesque style in medieval times.

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When we're wondering of next holidays, often we have a hard time to decide where to go. Nothing odd in that, cause each year cheap airline carriers are opening new connections from Poland.

When you're a fan of Renaissance epoque finest spot in Italy should be Florence. In Uffizi gallery you'll appreciate amazing paintings from that era, and valleys are stuffed with Renaissance buildings.
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