Sales controlling with SFA system

The SFA software includes a set of useful modules that let you to handle the actions of sales and marketing at management levels. It gives managers and regional directors whole insight of sales data. SFA application let users to qualify and accounting goals and budgets of sales, direction of activity of sales agents and settlement prices. The data collected in the system are bring to bear by the SFA sales analysts, members of teams of trade marketing and marketing section.

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Informations from transactional systems swell Data Warehouse, which makes possible leading multidimensional analysis (OLAP called. On-Line Analytical Processing) in very clever way, what is typical for Business Intelligence systems. Managers and analysts may simply aggregate, filter and sort sales informations, select interesting information and switch the perspective notion of them. SFA software connects selected works of CRM systems that aid sales and marketing actions . Typical for this fellow of adoption is the prospect of "photo-shelf" and sending it to the sales manager.

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Likewise popular are the modules that are used to carry asking and collect complaints from customers. The era of portable computers Pocket PC ended and in their place are more functional smartphones and tablets. Up-to-day mobile applications for companies representatives are approachable for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Symbian, Windows Phone (used eg in Nokia and HTC) and BlackBerry. Ordinarily, SFA software is attainable in multifarious languages. Owing to work offline mobile application contemporize informations while you connect to the Internet. The merchant can reap orders and carry out other exercises over the visit trade even if it is of besides the range of GSM or Wi-Fi.

SFA systems are implemented in venture servers (on premisedue to reason) or can be yielded in the model application as a service (Software as a Service, SaaS). SFA applications can be integrated with outer ERP and CRM systems adaptation in companies for business management, customer service and marketing activities. A sales representative can obtain current and complete information about the availability of products, current promotions and customer receivables. Orders gathered with the use of mobile devices, can be quick sent to the ERP system of a corporations, or wholesale distributor.
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