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At the moment when any Polish traveler like to visit any nice city in Europe, do not have to save plenty of money. After small, airline companies arrived in our country, we may travel to each city in continent for a song, cause airline tickets are in very attractive prize.

Sometimes it's difficult to decide which capital is really worth to be visited.

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When over million of Polish citizens move out to the capital of Great Britain, booking of flight - PLL LOT airlines - isn't a big expenditure. Therefore, if you have never visited it before, you have to change it right now! London got it all, amazing architecture, great landscape, plenty of events. First of all visit a Westminster Palace, it is main quarter of British parliament, former building was ruined in a huge fire. Building is an astonishing instance of Gothic Revival epoque, it is famous for Big Ben clock attached to it. When you are looking for medieval monuments, go for a walk to the Royal Tower, former jail of king's inmates. London is also stuffed with amazing galleries, such as Tate Britain, Gallery of Natural History and a lot more.


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Main city of Czech Republic is possibly the finest metropolis in our area of Europe. Since couple of years you can book really cheap flight (PLL LOT) to that destination. You will be able to admire in Prague many of attractions, plenty of them situated in the old town. In the middle of a Main Square you'll see an old City Hall, with the oldest astronomical clock on it.

Close to this hall the Saint Mary church is situated. It is great example of Gothic architecture, it has two, beautiful towers at the front of it. The most common meeting spot place Charles Bridge, do not miss a walk on it.
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